Florida Man who Wore “Fuck the Police” Shirt to Court Arrested

Carlos Miller

Florida Man who Wore “Fuck the Police” Shirt to Court Arrested on Trespassing Charges Three Months After Uploading Video

A Florida man was arrested on trespassing charges more than three months after he uploaded a video showing a chaotic scene during the closing of a nightclub in which Lakeland police were ordering everybody to leave.

Michael Burns of Central Florida Cop Block – the man who made national headlines last year for wearing a “Fuck the Police” shirt to court – said Polk County sheriff’s detectives arrested him Friday night after showing up to his mother’s house, telling him he failed to show up to court for a trespassing summons.

But Burns said he never received any summons.

Nevertheless, he spent 23 hours in jail.

One Lakeland police officer who witnessed him getting transported into the jail said, “we finally got you” – perhaps disappointed that they could not nail him on public masturbation as one Lakeland cop tried to do last year – as if they did not have their hands full with their own sex scandals.

Yes, they finally got him. Even if it took more than three months after the alleged incident in which his videos show, one cop told him to leave, another cop told him he could stay. And nobody seemed to really care that much.

Except for maybe a club bouncer who ordered him to leave from the parking lot, acting as if he had authority to kick anybody out of anywhere except the club.

But even he didn’t seem to care that much after realizing Burns wasn’t going anywhere with his camera.

Burns eventually left the parking lot after police had cleared it. He posted three videos of the chaos, then didn’t think much of it.

That is, until they came pounding on his mom’s door, informing her they had a warrant for his arrest.

He recorded that interaction as well, which shows how surprised he was by the visit, even telling them that perhaps they had the wrong Michael Burns because he had never been arrested for trespassing.

But sure enough, it was him. Another classic contempt-of-cop arrest against a man who routinelyquestions their authority.






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