GRAPHIC: CA Social Worker Arrested for Murdering Neighbor’s Dog


A California social worker killed his neighbor’s dog in an incident caught on video, which is going viral on Facebook.

Southern California resident Alexis Lemmon posted the video late this past Saturday night – which you can see below – and it’s already been viewed over 100,000 times.

Lemmon’s ominous caption about the man who murdered her father’s dog with a rifle says it all:

“This man Christopher Samuel SLAUGHTERED my dad’s dog right in front of him. He locked him in his yard, shot him, then shot him a second time in the head to make my dad even more angry.”

Debbie Meindl-Lemmon, stepmother of the dog’s owner, Michael Lemmon said, “He was a very sweet dog, he wasn’t a threat.”

The 54-year old Samuel was arrested on a warrant issued due of the incident, by Riverside County Sheriffs and booked for animal cruelty and negligent discharge of a firearm.

The Lemmons were worried that Samuel would get special treatment by local police in their “Inland Empire” community, because of his government job as a social worker.

Alexis Lemmon finished her Facebook post by saying, “Please do not let this murderer get away with this just because he his a social worker! This is evil and I am TRAUMATIZED, the dog wasn’t even attacking, he was running away with his tail between his legs. You do not have to watch but at least share. (PERRIS, CA)

But even Riverside County Animal Services got involved in processing the crime scene, and reassuring the community in a statement on Facebook that:

The dog was inside the closed yard of the shooter’s property. Riverside County Sheriff’s deputies responded. Our agency responded too. We are going to work with our fellow partner agencies in this investigation. This is still an open investigation. But, in light of this video, and since it will likely generate much discussion, we want to ensure the public that we will do everything we can to make sure a thorough investigation related to the dog’s death is pursued.

Local reports say that the video doesn’t tell the entire story, but that Michael Lemmon had threatened to get his pit bull breed dog to attack Samuel.

However, the video doesn’t depict an aggressive dog, but rather a scared animal who was retreating from the armed Samuel when he fired the lethal shots.


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