GRAPHIC: Georgia Man Blows Own Leg Off Shooting Tannerite Target


“I blew my leg off!” yelled the GA man after his 20th assault rifle round landed on target, blowing up an old lawnmower.

Absolutely, 100 percent do NOT try this at home.

Exercising your 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights should always take second place to valuing your own life and limb, but this foolhardy rifleman forgot that and is paying the price.

“Get an ambulance!” his two friends exclaimed in the video which is going viral below.

This clueless citizen exercised his 2nd Amendment rights in a memorable way, guaranteed to draw attention, and failed miserably.

Georgia man David Pressley lost his leg in the gruesome, viral YouTube video embedded below.

Had Pressley gone alone, he’d probably have died, since his friends applied a tourniquet to the severed limb.

They saved his life.

Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman acknowledged in the video below, that the 32-year-old amputee had every right to fire his AR-15 at close range saying that, “I’m all for people enjoying their constitutional rights.”

“If a property owner has 20 or 30 acres, absolutely, they’re well within their rights discharge firearms or ignite Tannerite.”

But Tannerite is a dangerous explosive.

So dangerous, that their website’s lede sentence is all about how patently unsafe homemade, explosive rifle targets are to their users.

“So-called, “Homemade Tannerite” and patent rip-off targets can often end in catastrophic failure,” reads the advertising, “and has in fact ended up causing serious injury and death.”

And it is perfectly legal in Georgia according to the USA Today.

However, if you are on Federal land – which many in the Western United States may be – check the Forest Service’s website, because according to Tannerite’s website, “USFS has declared that all exploding rifle targets are forbidden on federal land when a Special Fire Order is in place.”

And remember, the FBI cares about who buys explosive targets too, as you can see from their advisory below which is posted to Tannerite’s website.

Nobody wants to start a forest fire.

Even fewer people want to go to jail for needlessly burning down a forest too.

Sheriff Chapman told USA Today that he’d heard a rule of thumb that shooters stay 100 yards away for every pound of Tannerite in their target.

Pressley used 3 pounds.

He stood 43 feet away.

That’s 14.3 yards.

From Chapman’s law enforcement perspective, in a rural area, the biggest risk of the high powered ANFO powered rifle targets is the noise they cause, which can disturb residents and wildlife.

But now, a young man will have to bear the scars of his 15 minutes of fame, for the rest of his life.

Ed. Note: PINAC News normally wouldn’t report on this kind of story, but we find that it’s an important matter of public interest to point out the dangers of misusing exploding targets, and the intense Federal scrutiny of these products. It’s also a classic example of the Clueless Citizen exercising their constitutional rights. Stay safe out there readers.


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