Hi its Kevin we just recently had a meeting a few weeks ago at intersection ago. I was just…


Hi its Kevin we just recently had a meeting a few weeks ago at intersection ago. I was just recently unlawfully arrest for filming police on public property on Sunday at approximately at 1800 hrs. They charged me with unlawful conduct on public property. The police also took my cell phone in for evidence.My rights were completely violated concerning the 1st, and 4th amendment. Brotha I really need your help I've nothing wrong I promise. Here is the link to video: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2982247611802867&id=100000529721327

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your going to have a hard fight with this one! sense you didn't make it inside to record and was stopped at the door, the cops don't have a claim. had you step past the point of the posted sign and/ or entered the door then you would of had NO claim. the sign CLEARLY states inside and not outside for recording. you will first need to get the charges dismissed or dropped then file a civil suit in federal court. now the dumb cunt at the door was acting like she had better things to do. (like watching TV). then answering questions from some in the public. the second POS came out and saw the camera and went into auto mode thinking outside the door is considered INSIDE. it is very important that you do not have a jury trial on this instead have a judge try the case. the judge will have to look at the laws, location that you where at the time, the behavior of the cops, and anything else i probably forgot. and for the big question? why do the cops have a no photographing sign up. what do they have to hide! based on the cops behavior obviously a lot!

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