Kansas Trump Rally Supporter Declares Racial Holy War


Kansas Trump Rally Supporter Declares Racial Holy War, Says “Go To Auschwitz” to Dutch Journalist.

A Kansas Trump rally supporter declared, “RaHoWa” an anti-semetic word coined in 1987 meaning Racial Holy War” to a Dutch journalist, and repeated it before revealing his true intentions to a non-white supremacist as you can see as the video shows in under 18 seconds down below.

The still unidentified Trump supporter told the semetic-looking journalist from northern Europe to “Go To Auschwitz” twice as he departed the rally.

The mustachioed white male who appears his late 30s, wearing a New York Yankees t-shirt gave his best ‘Heil Trump’ salute to Sakir Khader as he walked past, but initial reports missed the white supremacist code words, and specifically those associated with hatred of jews as you can see in the embedded video.

Just leave it to one of Trump’s racist supporters is using that term to new meaning to the phrase “Damned Yankees” and in Kansas no less.

Racist church leader Ben Klassen authored a book called, “Rahowa – This Planet Is All Ours” about his idea that “Jews created Christianity in order to make white people weaker, and he said that the first priority should be to “smash the Jewish Behemoth.”

Klassen was a former Republican legislator from Broward County, Florida, who formed his non-Christian “Church of the Creator” in the tony waterfront village of Lighthouse Point.

Klassen also chaired Alabama segregationist George Wallace’s 1968 racist bid for the President in Florida when the solid south’s Dixiecrats began switching parties in droves after the Civil Rights acts of the 1960s.

Dutch journalist Sakir Khader is an arabic-speaking journalist of apparent Semetic descent, but who is not jewish, and writes for for Dutch daily newspaper de Volkskrant who often reports on the Middle East, mainly Sūriyāh and Yemēn, according to his twitter profile.

When the Trump supporter told Khader to, “Go to Auschwitz” twice in rapid succession as he walked bye, made sense since this would fit with Klassen’s racist teachings, as you can see in the viral video below.

Auschwitz is the name of the most infamous Death Camp run by the Nazi regime in occupied Poland during World War II, which killed an estimated million people including Jews, the handicapped, Romani people, homosexuals and political prisoners too.

The Dutch journalist’s tweet went viral when magazine editor Yair Rosenberg shared it. He edits Tablet Magazine, the self-described “daily online magazine of Jewish news, ideas, and culture” which is published from New York City, NY.

Khader’s original tweet was deleted after the story broke, but Rosenberg reposted a faithful copy to his twitter account.


“We’ve long said Trump is a walking internet comments section, but it’s not funny anymore” Rosenberg said, calling the supporter, “My twitter mentions in real life.” Rosenberg shared a series of tweets after the viral video, which illustrate the daily flood of online white supremacist invective and lunacy which he was referring to, as well as a poignant excerpt from The Atlantic just last month predicting the result of electoral success by Donald Trump to be an explosion of violent race hatred.

This will make it far more difficult for the Republican like Ben Carson who say that they’ve never seen racial hatred at a Trump rally exactly how serious the problem has become. Of course Carson has his own problems after blurting out a qui pro quo to secure his endorsement of Donald Trump after the famed brain surgeon dropped out of the race. Presumably, Carson has fresh clothing now that he’s off the campaign trail, so he’s probably unconcerned about seeing the rising tide of Trump supporters who believe in Racial Holy War..

Earlier this month Republican candidate for President tried to hold a rally at University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion last Saturday which disintegrated into chaos, where one of Trump’s supporters went viral being photographed showing the proper form for a “Heil H%$^#r” salute. This weekend, five cops were punished for arresting a black protester beat up by a 75-year old white Trump supporter and failing to arrest the aggressor who assaulted a political protester at a rally in Charlotte last week as PINAC News reported yesterday.

Because America’s founding fathers foresaw a gas-lighting, con man like Trump attempting to gain political power, and our political system evolved specifically to spit out he who might be authoritarian and wish to crown himself King.

Make no mistake, Donald Trump has already said he wants to go “outside of the law” to operate to make libel charges easier to file against journalists. Trump has also shown complete contempt for journalists, even excusing Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski’s alleged assault against former Breitbart journalist Michelle Fields who resigned in disgust after her journal failed to support her, and the Washington Post’s Ben Terris was a witness and wrote a first person account of the attack.

Breitbart’s esteemed editor at large Ben Shapiro resigned, so did their Corporate spokesman, and several other disgusted staffers. Shapiro said that founder Andrew Breitbart valued the truth and would’ve been upset at the direction of his namesake website which had become a leading conservative political investigatory journalism outlet.

The First Amendment is also low on Presidential contender Trump’s list, and PINAC news reported on Trump University’s legal failures after filing a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation in California.

Trump’s glorification and encouragement of violence is the last, and most serious trait, of fascism. He dances blithely on the line between First Amendment political speech and incitement of riots, using fighting words (the rarely properly enforced meaning of disorderly conduct, which uses incendiary language to cause a fight immediately to break out.

The Republican political candidate has taken to asking his supporters to pledge fealty, when Trump asks supporters raise their right hand in emulation of the German fascist dictator, which is the most un-American act our nation has ever seen of a political candidate, ever.

Because normally the only pledge in American politics is the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag.

The original tweet was deleted, but was at this location:






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