Miami Dolphins Player’s Wife & NFL Critic, Exonerated of All Charges


Miami Dolphins Player’s Wife & NFL Critic, Exonerated of All Charges After Dubious Arrest.

NFL critic Tamiko Grimes was exonerated of all charges stemming from a dubious arrest at SunLife Stadium by Miami-Dade County police caught on a video that went viral in September, seen below.

She’s the wife of Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl cornerback Brent Grimes.

Florida prosecutors had already agreed to drop or reduce the two most serious felony charges earlier this month.

Today, the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office agreed to issue a nolle prosequi for all remaining charges.

As the original PINAC News report about Tamiko Grimes noted, the Miami-Dade police failed to charge her with any underlying offense to support an arrest, although they found time to file a felony resisting arrest charges and alleged a felony assault on an officer.

At least the Miami Dolphins are winning in the courtroom, even if they cannot quite get it together on the field.

This action effectively dismisses the legal jeopardy against one of the NFL’s toughest critics, who speaks out about the flaws in pro football’s money making machine that uses people as its cogs, like this time in January when Grimes tweeted an epic rant to the football league in this off-season calling the NFL both, “shady and corrupt.”

Grimes was brutally arrested outside of the stadium by ten Miami-Dade County police officers working off-duty, just 15 minutes before her husband was set to play for the Dolphins inside the privately financed facility.

The Miami-Dade off-duty officers claimed that Grimes entered a restricted area, but according to her criminal defense attorney Anthony Rubino Grimes was the only restricted party that day.

When we looked at what was alleged on the report, we were able to show that certain things on the report didn’t necessarily match up.
There was never a trespassing charge or any charge to do with the restricted area. And when you watch the video, during that clip you see 5 different people walking through that “restricted area” while she’s being arrested.
One has a beer in their hand, but somehow none of them were arrested.
Tamiko’s friend was side by side with her and also not arrested. Tamiko’s friend who was with her that day also had an account that conflicted with the official police report. We took a polygraph of Tamiko regarding the alleged head-butt (re: the dropped allegation of felonious assault) and she passed with flying colors, which led to the first round of felony charges being dropped.

Rubino concluded that, “Looking at all the evidence and what was there, the only logical conclusion was to drop charges in this case.”

Sadly, most mainstream sports outlets failed to note the suspicious nature of Grimes’ arrest as possibly retaliatory for her criticism of the business of Pro Football.

Turner Broadcasting System’s Bleacher Report even called Miko Grimes the “NFL’s Great Truth Teller” in a report this summer.

In fact, this summer at the start of the Miami Dolphins’ training camp an NFL official – who wished to remain anonymous, because you know, critical journalism is scary – said that Miko Grimes “scared the hell out of him,” with her words about the NFL’s concussion problem.

Hopefully, Will Smith is in Miami and paying close attention if he’s planning to attend future football games, since his new film “Concussion” is likely to raise similar feelings of “scare the hell out” from NFL officials too.

Unfortunately, Grimes was unceremoniously fired from her job as a radio personality for 560 WQAM after the incident.

It remains to be seen if radio station WQAM seeks to return Grimes to the air, because they haven’t replied to our request comment earlier this month about the earlier reduction and dropped charges, nor have the Miami Dolphins replied to our request comment either.

It’s unknown at this time if Grimes will seek a civil lawsuit for remedy after the brutal arrest you can see below.


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