New Hampshire Complaint Censorship Chills Viral Video on YouTube


New Hampshire Complaint Censorship Chills Viral Video on YouTube, Uses False Privacy Claim.

Complaint censorship is a rising tide on YouTube, threatening to scrub the internet clean of video recorded in public, which people want to take back years later.

A New Hampshire citizen journalist recorded a public conversation on a sidewalk and posted it to YouTube (see below) where it went viral, getting over 1,000,000 views, but now someone is using complaint censorship to claim a privacy right, on a public sidewalk.

Complaint censorship uses illegitimate claims to bog down news and public interest videos on YouTube.

“I’ve just received an e-mail [which can be seen below the video], apparently from YouTube, which claims that someone has complained to them asking the video be taken down,” said Free State Project activist Dave Ridley frustrated with the flagrantly frivolous administrative challenge to a legitimate news video recorded in public.

“I have declined to do so.”

In particular, it is complaint censorship when the false report comes from a state actor like a police officer like these Texas cops.

And we’ve also seen security guards wish to have more privacy than the law actually allows, and to try and cover up a video which caused them to be convicted of a crime.

But now, one of the citizens featured in the viral video below entitled, “Cop corrects liberal snitch who reported her political opponents (Concord, NH)” wants to be scrubbed from the internet, even though the whole video was recorded by Dave Ridley in public.

Based on the complaint identifying the offending time as 0:27-0:44 it’s highly likely that the woman in our cover image filed the complaint.

If not, we’d like to interview the person from the video claiming privacy to find out why they think such a right exists.

But numerous cops are also featured, so truly it could be anyone you see in the viral video below.

Ridley posted the nearly eight minute clip back in June 2013.

For a small state like New Hampshire, the video has a big following and has been widely viewed in the last three years as part of the political discourse in a state known for its retail politics.

“Presumably [YouTube] administrators will make the final decision whether to suppress it.”

On a public sidewalk, nobody has the expectation of privacy.

The frustrated citizen journalist Ridley has over 27,000 subscribers on his RidleyReport YouTube channel.

“What is probably one of New Hampshire’s top five most popular YouTube videos faces attempted suppression,” Ridley told PINAC News, “My million-hit clip shows a pro-Medicare-expansion activist on a public Concord sidewalk, reporting her political opponents to police because they “have signs here” and “aren’t with us.”

Regardless of one’s political beliefs about healthcare, liberal or conservative, it’s undeniable that we can all believe in the law, and the 1st Amendment of the constitution and wise rulings of our Supreme Court to guide our society reasonably.

Federal courts have held that to have a reasonable expectation of privacy requires a two prong test.

The first prong one must have an actual, subjective expectation of privacy, and the second is, it must be an expectation of privacy that society as a whole would except as reasonable, as the Supreme Court decided in Katz v US.

Nobody should expect privacy standing on a public sidewalk in the middle of town.

And now another hyperlocal news outlet faces the censor’s axe.

Because someone’s happy to lie to Google.


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