SC Killer Cop Bonds Out of Jail, He Killed Walter Scott in Video


South Carolina Killer Cop Bonds Out of Jail, He Killed Walter Scott in Video.

The South Carolina killer cop who vaulted official police lies and murder into the national spotlight, has been given pre-trial bond, after being arrested and held since last April, for the video which went viral and you can see below.

It’s been almost a year to the day since North Charleston officer Michael Slager killed Walter Scott, and it was revealed in a video given by witness Fiedlin Santana to the New York Times.

Initially, Slager lied about the circumstances of the kill, claiming that Scott tried to take the officer’s weapon.

The former Coast Guard serviceman Slager was indicted for murder  in the first degree by a grand jury last June.

Slager was held without bond as a “danger to the community” according to prosecutors statements last year.

But now, local reports claim that he’s suffering health problems behind bars.

So, ex-cop Slager is free today.

And it all happened because Prosecutor is too busy with the capital homicide case of racist mass murderer Dylan Roof’s, which also happened in his Charleston jurisdiction last year.

And Slager won’t get a speedy trial, so the judge let him go.

According to CNN’s report:

Under the conditions of his bond, which a judge set at $500,000 on Monday, Slager must reside in South Carolina until his trial. He will be held under house arrest and cannot have any contact with Scott’s family.
On Monday, the judge set October 31 as Slager’s trial date. When he decided to set bond, according to CNN affiliates, the judge said he’d taken into consideration the lengthy amount of time Slager would have to wait behind bars before having his day in court.
One key reason Slager’s trial won’t start for months: Solicitor Scarlett Wilson is also prosecuting confessed Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof.

Slager’s eerie “theater of the mind” performance into the police dispatch, even telling the dead man to put his “hands behind his back” presented a chilling reminder of the lies police officers can get away with if unwatched.

Because Walter Scott did no pose an immediate threat to his community when gunned down from behind in cold blood.

Scott had a broken tail light.

Which wasn’t even an actual offense in South Carolina, but is why Slager pulled Scott over in his beat up old Mercedes.

But Walter Scott had a child support warrant outstanding, and fled in a panic.

And now, his killer will get six months at home with his family while awaiting trial.

CNN’s report indicated that he’d only have to post $50,000 of the $500,000 bond amount too.


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