SFSU Student Assaults Student Recording Argument About Hair


“Why are you filming this?”

A San Francisco State University student asked those famous last words before assaulting the fellow student recording her spat with a young man, all because he wears his hair in dreadlocks as you can see in the 45 second video below which is going viral.

“For everyone’s safety,” replied the student recording the tiff.

The entire argument revolved around the student’s alleged “cultural appropriation” by keeping a hair style – dreadlocks – which came from Egypt.

Student journalist Mark Schierbecker, who knows more about being assaulted while recording on campus than most students, reported on the incident for The Fix calling the incident, “Black student who attacked white student for his dreadlocks is under investigation“:

Already shared widely on Reddit and 4chan by Tuesday morning, the video features the woman and a black male standing with her repeatedly accusing the white student of cultural appropriation for having dreadlocks.
The white student later identified himself as Cory Soulr Goldstein, a local DJ, and laid out his allegations against the woman in a seriesofcomments on his Facebook post.
“You’re saying that I can’t have a hairstyle because of your culture,” asks Goldstein.
“Yeah,” responds the woman, telling Goldstein that the style is a uniquely African tradition.
“‘Cause it is my culture,” the woman responds when asked why it offends her. “Do you know what locks mean?”
“Do you know how it was in Egyptian culture? Are you Egyptian,” Goldstein asks the woman incredulously. “Nah, brah, you’re not.”
Goldstein tries to get past her but the woman catches his sleeve and drags him back.
“You put your hands on me, you’ll learn,” says the woman, apparently suggesting that she could accuse of him of assault.
“You’ll learn what?” says Goldstein. “Whether you’re going to [inaudible] what kind of hair I have? That’s no reason, yo. I don’t need your disrespect. I don’t need your disrespect.”

But she would be the one showing disrespect and it wouldn’t take long for the tables to turn.

Just seconds after the exchange ended, the still unidentified female student approached her fellow (presumably by his voice) male student, asked why he was “filming” and whacked his camera.

It’s unknown if the camera, likely a smartphone, survived the attack or if that student has made any sort of report of the incident.

Goldstein reported the incident to police, but isn’t pressing any charges, presumably making the report so that he is on the record already about the incident, which isn’t altogether a bad idea considering the notoriety of the viral video already.

Unfortunately, nobody has apparently told Goldstein that his hair looks absolutely terrible in dreadlocks, which give the appearance of having a very prominent bald spot.

And the argument finished without a conclusion either, but I’d say that the Constitution’s 1st Amendment protects individual free expression so the girl who assaulted the photographer should get used to more cultural expropriation, because America’s full of it.

And she can’t bother every white guy wearing dreads, it’s more efficient to let photographs of these guys spread the word that better hair styles do exist.

San Francisco State University has announced an investigation.



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