Texas Cop Fired After "Embarrassing" Youtube Video

Carlos Miller

A Texas cop who took pride in his aggressive police tactics

Peering into a citizen camera and spouting his name and badge number after ramming his knee into the face of a teenager, was fired last week – marking the second time in a month that a cop was fired over a Youtube video.

“Move and fucking die,” Hurst police officer Disraeli Arnold told 17-year-old Miguel Rodriguez who was being arrested on a four year warrant stemming from a trespassing on school grounds charge.

When Rodriguez began complaining about the treatment, asking his friend, Jordan Rojas, if he got it on camera, Arnold continued with a tirade of profanity.

“Move so I can kick your ass, move so I can fuck you up!”

Arnold then stood up and peered into the camera and said, “You got it on tape? Arnold, 654!”

It was such an embarrassing video that even the Hurst Police Department admitted they were embarrassed.

But they didn’t go as far as saying he used excessive force because they claim the youth was resisting arrest.

However, the video shows that youth had already stopped putting up a struggle and was complying with the officer in lying flat on his stomach and putting his hands behind his back.

Last month, a University of Kentucky-Lexington cop was fired after barging into a student’s dorm without a warrant as the student video recorded the incident.

That video has since been removed, most likely due to pressure from the university.

Be sure to read the comments from other officers from PoliceOne.com on this story who believe Arnold was wrongly terminated.

But ask yourself what other profession would allow an employee to keep his job after displaying such aggressive and unprofessional behavior?

Disraeli Arnold Peering Into The Camera After Ramming His Knee Into The Face Of A Teenager Who Was Already Complying With Another Officer.


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