TX Trooper in Viral Video Does Best Winnie the Pooh Impersonation Ever


Texas Trooper in Viral Video Does Best Winnie the Pooh Impersonation Ever.

In yet another example of why we must always film the police, this glorious piece of YouTube gold captured an unidentified Texas state trooper in Edinburg seeming to do his best Winnie the Pooh impression.

The video below, which you may have to watch several times- you know, for science, captures an officer stuck in his police vehicle, in the most random fashion possible.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, which includes their cops.

When you’ve got a great “dad bod” like this author, you learn to err on the side of caution when squeezing into tight spots.

Unfortunately, this Bigger in Texas Trooper hero didn’t think twice before trying to squeeze into car windows like their TV heroes on the Dukes of Hazzard.

The video, uploaded on Tuesday with credit to Bobby Gonzalez, could be a scene straight out of Super Troopers or Blazing Saddles, or possibly a mashup of both.

The caption on the video states:

“Looking like something out of a Police Academy movie, this officer seems quite stuck when trying to exit his patrol car via the window, instead of the door.
While another man is seen near the officer at the start of the video, he doesn’t seem all that willing to help, leaving the officer to kick his legs midair while stuck.
Is he trying to get in, or out?”

The officer is facing up, while dangling from his driver’s side window, with his feet kicking around in mid air.

YouTube user “The Tinfoil Tricorn” wrote:

Looks like a scene from those alien movies when the monster is in the car eating the police officer.

YouTube user “Stars N Bars” commented:

How much for that piggy in the window?

The men who filmed the beautiful moment could’t help but full on chuckle, and neither can we here at PINAC News.

This video just might be, the actual reason that the internet exists.

Don’t worry, according to the title, no cops were harmed in the making of this video.



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YouTube censorship had the video removed.

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