VA Trooper Files Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Blogger

Andrew Meyer

Virginia State Trooper Files Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Blogger Who Embarrassed Her in Viral Video

First she sued for $5,000.

Now Virginia State Trooper Melanie McKenney is suing Nathan Cox for more than a million dollars.

All because Cox blogged about her violating his rights during a traffic stop three years ago where she repeatedly tried to grab his phone as he recorded her, telling him:

“I don’t know what that is, it could be a gun.”

The video went viral. The trooper was embarrassed. And now she refuses to let it go, accusing him of defamation of character.

Her main gripe is that he described her as being “crazy.” But we also believe she is crazy because sane people don’t confuse smartphones for guns.

And sane people don’t continue to place themselves in winless legal predicaments that will only bring more exposure to themselves.

It all started on Memorial Day Weekend in 2012 when she pulled him over for an expired state inspection tag and ordered him out of the car because he was making “furtive movements.”

Then comedy ensued for more than 20 minutes as she tried to reach for his phone, which she feared was a gun, while he held it over her head.

Cox posted the video of the encounter online and wrote about McKenney’s behavior on the Virginia Cop Block website.

Both his video and her dashcam video, posted below, back up Cox’s story and demonstrates McKenney’s propensity for untruthful behavior.

McKenney’s aborted first lawsuit against Cox, which claimed $5,000 in damages for “defamation,” never even had an actual complaint attached.

Last week, McKenney once again filed an absurd lawsuit for defamation against for Cox and Cox is yet again being forced to hire an attorney to combat McKenney’s harassment.

Cox intends to countersue McKenney but is in need of help with his legal defense fund, which you can find here.

Read her latest suit here.


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