WATCH: Denver Cop Appeared to Run Red Light in Police News Interview


But he didn’t, by about a foot.

An Aurora Police cruiser appeared a red light caught in a video going viral from the local news, and right behind an officer from his own department telling that his city’s police department wants a red light camera system.

“Running a red light is against the law,” deadpanned the officer as a Chevy Suburban, and white sports-car, pickup truck, a Dodge sedan, and a Honda suv, then a Caterpillar excavator all turned left legally.

“Going, turning right on red without coming to a full and complete stop is against the law,” clearly enunciated the officer to the camera with perfect elocution of tone and diction.

Then a marked Aurora Police cruiser appeared to run the red light over his right shoulder behind the exasperated sounding officer, but traffic footage appears to indicate that the cop rushed through the he yellow light and entered the intersection about one foot as the light changed.

“This system holds people accountable for breaking that law,” intoned the Aurora cop, inadvertently illustrating in just one short 15 second clip, posted by the seemingly anonymous Mr. Robert Lonestar’s brand new YouTube account, which is going viral thanks to a local mention in the news website

Aurora Police are proud of their officer’s questionable, apparently legal driving, but probably less proud of their legal department this week.

Aurora Police lost a retaliatory lawsuit in court this week against widely respected former Chief Dan Oates who guided the department through 2012’s theater mass shooting.

Oates happens to have a law degree, and left to Miami Beach to reform a troubled force facing unusual logistic problems in its tourist heavy law enforcement duties, and implementing that city’s marijuana de-criminalization legislation.

It goes almost without saying that virtually all people hate red-light cameras across America, even politicians and business websitesare reporting their upcoming demise.

Still more citizens complain that red light cameras are dangerous, including Chicago Tribune’s investigative reporters and ABC News.

It’s unknown if the cop in the video will find humor in the ironic truth apparently illustrated by his interview.

The general consensus that red-light cameras and traffic laws aren’t ready for proper law enforcement on America’s roads…. yet, if ever.

UPDATE II: Aurora PD posted a video you can see below the news clip claiming their officer raced through the yellow signal legally.

Ed. Note: Original story said five cars and Caterpillar ran red light, revised to note that those vehicles all made legal left on Green Arrow turns. Video update to follow, with PINAC original footage does show that the cruiser most likely entered the intersection on a Red Arrow signal. Public records requests for the cruiser and the red light cameras are in progress. Re-Titled story on update 2 from Original: “Denver Cop Runs Red Light”


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