WATCH: NYPD Stuffs Hogtied Suspect into Body Bag, While NY Post Cheers


WATCH: NYPD Stuffs Hogtied Suspect into Body Bag, While NY Post Cheers.

“Dude, that is the craziest shit I’ve ever seen done to somebody in my whole fucking life,” said the stunned witness recording NYPD make a “black bag” style arrest.

Cops questioned the man over trouble paying a $2.75 subway fare, and later stuffed him into a body bag as the world watched.

The viral video shows seven NYPD police officers casually hog-tie and stuff a man – who was alleged to have been violent, but you can’t tell from the video – into a body-bag right in front of an A-C-E train subway station in lower west side Manhattan.

The entire scene was captured by an intrepid citizen journalist in Manhattan, who could barely believe what he was seeing and after a couple of minutes of quietly recording couldn’t hold back his horror at the events which unfolded in front of him.

Seven NYPD cops working together to stuff a living man into a body bag, and possibly more on the block too.

In full view of the world.

One undercover cop wore a Miami Dolphins sweatshirt and too participated in the unnaturally calm affair of body bagging a living person.


“What the fuck do you even call that thing?” asked the mind-blown witness to the NYPD officers, as he got closer, “You got a name for that whatever that body bag is that you put a human being into like he’s an animal?”

“You are fucking crazy!”

The cops barely flinched, focused on their task of stuffing a man who’s obviously writhing in pain into the white and blue bag labeled “NYPD” and “ESC”

“Fucking sick, twisted people. They straight up just put him into a body bag, wrapped his ass up. There quite literally is a sound, live human being over there trying to move,” said the New York man at the end of his recording, “They straight up mace him knees facing to the ground and wrapped him up in this bag.”

It’s hard to tell what’s more disturbing.

The fact that NYPD can claim anyone is nuts and stuff them into a body bag, which they have abused in the past, when arresting NYPD whistleblower officers and lying about their mental health.

Or that NYPD was so proud of their black bag having ventilation which they told the New York Post, that this seems to be their ‘cure as bad as the disease’ approach to avoid killing the next Eric Garner, who cannot breathe.

Even more disturbing is the New York Post’s title for this chilling video story: “Another reason not to mess with NYPD.”

If you lived in New York, would this frighten you?

Or is this just NYPD’s sick, twisted lesson about always carrying exact change to the subway?

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I have never seen this vid and stumbled upon it...I have never in my whole life seen something so disturbing as this. Now in 2020 with the Black Lives Matter movement this is just the brutality many young black men,women and children face in this world...I am so sad that this is a country I use to be so proud of to call my home now my eyes are opened and I can finally see the light and it's startling absofuckingly STARTLING😭😭😭

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