WV Cops Disciplined For Creating Over-the-top Videos That Went Viral

Carlos Miller

For months, Photography is Not a Crime readers have been sending me a couple of dash cam videos

That show some extremely over-the-top behavior by police officers.

So over-the-top that I immediately sensed they were fake.

And that’s saying a lot considering the videos I have posted on this site.

It turns out, the videos were indeed fake, created by a pair of cops in West Virginia.

It’s no wonder they seemed like outtakes from Reno 911.

According to the West Virginia Watchdog blog, who actually broke the news in September, but is now getting traffic because the videos have resurfaced.

In both videos two officers, Sal Travaglio and Nathan Boron, took turns pulling each other over and making prank videos. The first video shows Travaglio pulling Boron over talking in an exaggerated southern accent:
The second video, the more shocking of the two, shows Boron pulling Travaglio. When Travaglio refuses to let Boron search his vehicle, Boron begins cussing and yelling, telling the driver to get out of town:
Both videos are not real; they are two police officers goofing off. But when I first saw the video, particularly the Boron video, I didn’t know this. I saw an officer being extremely unprofessional to an out-of-town driver. When the prank rumor first surfaced, then I was very angry that these officers were pulling over people for nothing but their own amusement. Now we know the officers were pulling each other over.

The Watchdog post was recently updated with the following:

UPDATE: For some reason, this article is getting a lot of traffic despite being posted September of last year. Thanks for visiting. Because some seem under the impression that these videos are real, they are not. The two officers were real, but they were pranking and pulling over each other, not regular drivers. While city officials have declined to talk to any media about what actions they took against the officers, I’m told they did get in trouble and face punishment of some sort, but are otherwise still on the job.


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