California Cop Abandons Investigation to Harass and Intimidate Man

Carlos Miller

California Cop Abandons Investigation to Harass and Intimidate Man for Video Recording (Updated).

Less than a week after a Southern California cop allowed a suspect to escape because he had to harass a citizen for recording the arrest, a Northern California cop abandoned his investigation to harass a man recording him.

The Redding police officer, who was detaining a young man in front of a store as well as another man out of frame, turned to the man recording him, who was standing more than 25 feet away, and accused him of “interrupting my investigation.”

Meanwhile, a woman and her dog strolled right through the investigation, the dog even pausing to sniff one of the suspects who was seated on a sidewalk.

But the cop was only concerned about the man with the camera, telling him he was unable to concentrate because of the camera.

“Put the phone down on the hood of the car,” the cop ordered as he walked over, following the order up with the typical cop growl that usually precedes a physical beat down.


The man complied as the cop continued with his bullying tactics.

“Step away from the car. This ain’t a debate, do you understand me. Turn around and face away from me.”

The cop then demanded his name and date-of-birth, even though the cop never stated what crime the man was suspected of committing.

The man, Nicholas Thomas Hyatt, 25, provided this information, then resorted to playing the cop apologist, telling the cop he was only recording because the suspect was being disrespectful towards him.

But the cop wasn’t buying it and ran his name for a warrant search, accusing Hyatt of being “disrespectful” and “making his own baby cry.”

But there is only one person who was being disrespectful in the video. There is only one person who made the baby cry. There is only one person who broke the law in the video by using his power to clamp down on a citizen’s First Amendment right to record.

And now it’s just a matter of finding out his name.

Call the Redding Police Department at (530) 225 – 4200.

UPDATE: The cop’s name is Brandon Largent, according to an email I just received. He has been in the news before for shooting a citizen. The narrative is the typical story we hear from officer-involved shootings when there is no video. Perhaps that is why he didn’t anybody want video recording him.

Police said around 2 a.m. on Apr. 11, Largent approached two people riding bicycles in the 800-block of Mistletoe Lane after there were reports of shots fired in the area.
When the officer arrived, he stopped Robert Barron, 35, and Alexander Restuchi, 26, who both had warrants out for their arrest. When Officer Largent tried to take them into custody, Barron became violent and attacked the officer according to police.
A struggle between Barron and the officer forced the officer to discharge his firearm striking Barron in the chest.
Police said after Barron was shot he continued to struggle with the officer and fled on foot. After a brief foot pursuit, Barron was taken into custody by the officer.
Barron was transported to a local hospital with a serious gunshot wound to his chest. Restuchi was cooperative with police and was taken in for questioning.
Deputies said during the struggle the officer received injuries and was transported to the hospital were he was treated and later released.


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