California Cops Arrest Man for Video Recording Unlawful Commands

Carlos Miller

“Are you recording me,” the Sacramento cop asks the man she had threatened to arrest for not showing identification.

“Why are you recording me?”

“Cause … I’m just walking down the ….”, he responds.

And that was all he was able to say before he was handcuffed and the video goes blank.

All because he was standing next to a group of men who were trying to jumpstart a car.

Sacramento police officers Michelle Sunny Cranford and Erin Renee Peterson became suspicious when they saw the men jump start the car because apparently that’s how they hot-wire cars in Northern California.

They stopped their car and began asking everybody for identification with all of them cooperating – not that they were under any legal requirement to do so considering jump starting a car with cables is not suspicious behavior.

When they didn’t find anything illegal, they moved on to the man who goes by RichRex100 on Youtube, who began recording and refused to hand over his identification.

“We don’t know who you are, so when an officers asks, you have to provide identification,” Cranford said before realizing she was being recorded and pulling out the handcuffs.

Both Cranford and Peterson make more than $100,000-a-year as cops, so they should have been there long enough to know the law.

Call Sacramento Police Chief Sam Somers, Jr. at 916-808-0800.


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