California Cops Force Man with Camera away from them Making Questionable Arrest

Carlos Miller

The woman getting arrested says she called them for help.

A man said he woke up to the sound of a woman screaming, asking for help, but when he stepped out, he saw two Ventura County sheriff's deputies holding a woman down on the sidewalk.

When Ross Wells asked why was she being arrested, he told told for resisting arrest.

He then turned on his camera and asked why was she being arrested before she resisted.

"She refused to leave from the front of my police car," the male deputy said as he held the woman down.

But the woman, laying flat on her back on the sidewalk, said she was seeking their help, only "they didn't fucking help me."

More than a minute goes by and the male and female deputy proved incapable to handcuffing the woman, even though she is not aggressively resisting.

Two more cops arrive and they join in holding her down as if she was some out-of-control beast, but she is hardly moving or likely, incapable of moving, although she does tell them "Get the fuck off me, several times as well as continue to say she had sought their help.

"Why are you arresting, because I called for your help?" she asks.

But they only tell her to stop resisting, which prompts a laugh from the videographer because it is obvious she is not resisting.

That is when a cop named K. Doepking stands up and forces him away from the scene.

"Don't touch me," Wells says as Doepkng pushes him back. "Officer, let go of me."

Wells posted the video on his Facebook page earlier with the following description:

Unfortunately I woke up this morning to a girl screaming for help and when I went outside she was being assaulted and arrested. Officers refused to give badge numbers.

We are working on finding out how the incident began.

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Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

Well I wonder how are people now feeling about Colin Kaepernick kneeling down now.😡😎


BOOM she's resisting arrest. Even if there was no reason to arrest her in the first place. Ridiculous.


Cops are Toxic and no longer Protect and Serve!

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