California Deputies Try to Snatch Camera, Pull Teen from Car

Carlos Miller

California Deputies Try to Snatch Camera, Pull Teen from Car for Recording.

California deputies confronted a group of teens parked on the side of a residential road, accusing them of “suspicious activity” because they were in a “gang neighborhood.”

But it was also the same neighborhood where one of the teens lived. That teen, the one in the backseat doing the talking, made it clear he was not a gang member. That he was just a kid who knew his rights, which is why he kept recording, even after the deputy told him it was illegal.

But the Orange County deputy told them they were being harassed for”our safety,” even though the teens were not even engaging with the cops until the cops confronted them.

He then ordered the driver out of the car, which prompted the teen in the back who was doing the recording, to move across the seat with his camera to ask for the deputy’s name, which was Valdez.

Valdez then tried to snatch the camera but he was tool slow.

This is how he explained it on Youtube:

I was in front of my house on my own drive way when two Orange County police officers walked up and started to harass my friends and I. I told the officers my rights as I was recording . I was later placed in handcuffs and harassed until I told them my rights . Know your rights!!

One of the teens admitted to possessing marijuana but he apparently has a marijuana medical card.

Here is the video.


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