Charges dropped against Florida student arrested for videotaping cops

Carlos Miller

Charges dropped against Florida student arrested for videotaping cops

Not only were charges dropped against a Florida college student arrested for videotaping police officers last month, evidence has emerged that officers fabricated the police report.

But as usual, police have gone into plausible deniability by having a Tarpon Springs police captain going on the record with a TV reporter stating that he was unaware of such a fabrication.

But the evidence is out there for the world to see; a huge letdown considering the officer in question was named Cop of the Year in 2009.

According to Kilgore’s video from the night of arrest, Tarpon Springs Police Cpl. Steve Gassen told him that he was committing a federal felony by videotaping them and can be jailed on a $5,000 bond.

But Gassen apparently thought better about writing such blatant misinformation in the police report because he then wrote that he had informed Kilgore that he had every right to videotape a traffic stop.

Kilgore was arrested after he refused to hand to the camera over. Kilgore’s friend tried to videotape the arrest, but his camera was confiscated as well.

But a judge said Gassen had no right confiscate these cameras. Let’s see how quickly they file a lawsuit.


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