Colorado Cops Sued over Unlawful Arrest of Men Recording Outside Jail

Carlos Miller

Two First Amendment auditors who were brutally arrested for recording outside a jail in December have filed a lawsuit.

Boulder County sheriff's deputies arrested two men for suspicion of trespassing last December after they failed to identify themselves while recording the county jail from a public sidewalk.

It was an obvious show of power by the deputies who proved they would identify the men regardless of any Constitutional precedent that may forbid it. The deputies even released the men after 90 minutes with no charges because recording from a public sidewalk is not a crime.

As expected, the men are now suing. Jedon Kerr and Dean Schiller who respectively run the YouTube channels, Colorado Donkey Watch and ZFG Videography, filed their lawsuit on Thursday, which you can read here.

According to Westworld:

Kerr and Schiller specialize in capturing on-the-job images of Boulder law enforcement agents behaving badly, including ex-college football player turned Boulder police officer Wayne Lolotai, who is being sued by Kelly Clark, a woman he shoved violently to the ground as she attempted to ascertain the status of a man busted in a separate incident. That matter is one of three cited to support the complaint's contention that "Defendants City and County of Boulder have an informal custom of condoning unlawful arrests, retaliation and excessive force by its officers that is based solely on the exercise of First Amendment rights."

Asked about the suit, Kerr replies via email: "Individuals with nothing to hide do not fear exposure from citizen journalists. It is my goal to see a more transparent, accountable and a more reliable law enforcement culture, dedicated to tackling the problems of the community instead of tackling citizen journalists."

Adds Schiller, also via email: "Cops and politicians shouldn't be above the law — no one should be."

Boulder communications director Patrick von Keyserling notes, "The city does not comment on litigation." However, the Boulder Sheriff's Office previously shared a post responding to controversy over the December 28, 2018, arrest of Kerr and Schiller, describing them as "suspicious" and suggesting that they are part of a "movement" attempting to provoke "confrontation."

Shilling tells Westworld filing the lawsuit was the last thing they wanted to do. All he wanted was to see the deputies disciplined.

But there was no apologies or admittance of guilt so now they must respond to the lawsuit.

"A lawsuit seems to be the only method of holding accountable the persons involved," Shilling told Westworld.

Above is a shortened, edited video. Here are the original videos in their entirety.

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Cops just think because they wear that costume, badge and gun can do whatever the hell they want without any recourse. It's time this shit ENDS!!


You have to drag these Corrupt Law Enforcement Personnel into Federal Court for Justice. I fault the Sheriff Pelle for being an OathBreaker and allowing this Behavior to continue and the Taxpayers will pay and the Boulder County Sheriff Department has now gotten millions of dollars of Bad Publicity and a chance at the Feds dragging the whole department into Federal Court for Oversight! Maybe Pelle can take a good dump over that.


Lawsuits are not the only method of holding them accountable, but it is the safest way. Colorado, like nearly all states and the federal government, allows citizens to step in and make arrests when police are unable or unwilling to do so, for serious crimes. Including crimes committed by police.

Remember, any rights violation you can sue under 42 USC 1983 for and win is also a felony under 18 USC 241 and/or 242.


This is the only way we are ever going to hope to change the practices of the Overzealous Stormtroopers. When the Cities & Counties start spending more & more on lawsuits and losing. Then maybe they will take some action to rein in these lawless bastards.

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