Daniel Saulmon Once Again Handcuffed and Detained for Recording Cops

Carlos Miller

Daniel Saulmon Once Again Handcuffed and Detained for Recording Cops

Daniel Saulmon of drone camera notoriety was handcuffed and detained early this morning while attempting to document police evicting homeless people from a park in Venice Beach.

The video starts off with Saulmon at Venice Beach during the day recording cops making an arrest, including one who rides his bicycle by Saulmon and greets him by name.

Then it appears to cut to Culver City Park where Saulmon’s friend, Ricky Munday, reads from a flier that the Los Angeles Police Department will be conducting a “homeless sidewalk cleanup” later that night in Venice Beach where they would be confiscating “abandoned property,” which, of course, means any meager possessions that the homeless people can’t carry with them at all times.

They return to Venice Beach at 1:45 a.m. Saturday during the eviction when a cop approaches with his flashlight blinding the camera as they apparently are trained to do to citizens who record them.

The cop tells them to leave the beach as it is closed from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m., ordering them across the street, but when they did not move fast enough (maybe three seconds passed), he demanded Saulmon’s identification.

Saulmon, who was riding a bicycle, explained he did not have an identification. The cop then asked for his name, but Saulmon said he did not want to answer any questions.

The cop then placed him in handcuffs, even though Saulmon had already told him they would move across the street.

As the cop walks him away with Saulmon, another cop walks up with a completely different attitude, also telling Munday he had to leave the beach, but pointing the flashlight downwards and speaking to him in a more respectable tone, which is a rarity these days.

Saulmon said he was released with a citation 40 minutes after a sergeant arrived and accessed the situation.

LAPD was cleaning up a homeless camp by throwing the property of rightful owners into several trash trucks.
The flyer Ricky shows in the video was distributed by the police to the homeless people. In it, “abandoned property” is mentioned with quotes around it. Why do they use quotes around those 2 words?
Because the property is not abandoned.
The cops throw the homeless people out of their encampments. The people are only physically able to carry as much as they can hold. Whatever they are unable to carry becomes “abandoned property” and is thrown in the garbage trucks.
Does it make sense now why they arrested me? Because it is a fact the courts have already ruled this behavior is illegal, and cops are not allowed to take these peoples property without due process of law.


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