Florida Cops Detain, Frisk, Threaten and Intimidate Man

Carlos Miller

Florida Cops Detain, Frisk, Threaten and Intimidate Man for Video Recording Outside Police Station

The first Largo police officer who approached the man standing outside the police department with a camera seemed reasonable, even acknowledging that photography is not a crime, but told the man he found it unusual that the man was video recording outside the station.

That officer walked off, even providing his name, Hansley.

But another officer then showed up, demanding to know if he was being audio recorded, telling the man he was violating state law by audio recording him, which is a lie that cops can’t seem to stop repeating.

Before he knew it, more cops were on the scene, frisking him against his will, snatching his iPhone from his hand and turning it off so it would stop recording.

Luckily the man who posts as Pinellas Watch Dog on Youtube had a back-up camera.

“Why didn’t you come in and ask (to record) like everybody else does,” said Sgt. Sevos Mandatesone, an arrogant cocksure of a cop that informs him he is required to obtain a permit from police because after all, he may be working on a Hollywood blockbuster with his iPhone. In Largo, Florida, of all places.

For all I know, you’re stalking one of the dispatchers, one cop said.

When the man asked what crime they suspected him of committing that allowed them to detain him, a cop responded ; “I’m detaining you because I want to detain you.”

They force him to sit down on the grass and threaten to arrest him if he doesn’t at least provide them with his name. The video ends before he provides the name, if he actually does.

Call Largo Police Chief Jeffrey Undestad at (727) 587-6730.


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