Florida Highway Patrol Questions Man’s Sanity for Photographing Police

Carlos Miller

Florida Highway Patrol Questions Man’s Sanity for Photographing Police Department From Public Sidewalk

Just over a week after charges were dismissed against PINAC’s Jeff Gray for an arrest over him taking photos outside the Orlando Police Department, he returned to Orlando and stood outside a Florida Highway Patrol building with his camera, taking photos.

As expected, he was quickly confronted by FHP cops who said they were “concerned” that he was taking photos of patrol cars exiting the parking lot while standing on a public sidewalk.

They also told him it was “not normal procedure” and insinuated that he was mentally unstable and possibly had plans to torch all the patrol cars in the parking lot.

In other words, they were looking for an excuse to kill him.

They also wanted his name so they could include in a “field report,” which will no doubt be added to his already burgeoning Homeland Security file.

But as he has done so many times before, Gray took it all in stride, refusing to provide his name, his identification and the news site he is representing and they ended up walking away without pushing the matter any further.

This, after all, is party of the First Amendment audits because it doesn’t make a difference whether somebody is representing a Youtube channel, a news site or just wanting to take photos for any other reason.

We won’t stop until they recognize our right to record from public and leave us alone as we saw a Texas cop do last week.


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