Georgia Senator Rips Phone from Student's Hand to Avoid Answering Question

Carlos Miller

The republican senator later claimed he misunderstood the student but the video shows that is not likely.

A Georgia politician ripped the phone out of the hands of a student who was asking about the tens of thousands of voter registrations the state is refusing to process before November's midterm elections.

Republican Senator David Perdue was on the campus of Georgia Tech University campaigning for Secretary of State David Kemp who is running for governor when a student from the Democratic Socialists of America approached him while recording with his phone.

"Hey so uh, how can you endorse a candidate who ....?" the student asked.

"No, I'm not doing that," Perdue said while snatching the phone.

"He stole my property, he stole my property," the student said.

"You wanted a picture?" Perdue asked, being the manipulative politician that he is.

Perdue's spokesperson later claimed that the senator was under the impression that the student had walked up to him and asked for a seflie, which is why he took the phone, but the video clearly shows that the student never asked for a selfie and Perdue responded that he is "not doing that" anyway, even if he had been asked to take a selfie.

Perdue committed strong armed robbery under Georgia law. It does not matter that he eventually returned the phone. It matters that he ripped the phone out of the student's hand without permission because he did not like the question being asked.

Kemp is running against a black democratic woman named Stacey Abrams in a heated gubernatorial election. As secretary of state, Kemp oversees voter registration in Georgia and has ordered 53,000 voting registration applications to be put on hold because they were not an "exact match" in the state's verification process.

Marsha Appling-Nunez was showing the college students she teaches how to check online if they’re registered to vote when she made a troubling discovery. Despite being an active Georgia voter who had cast ballots in recent elections, she was no longer registered.

His office has even removed people from the voter registration list without even telling them, making it impossible for them to vote this election, according to the Associated Press.

However, 70 percent of those applications are said to be from black voters, who are expected to overwhelmingly vote for Abrams.

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Well, gone are the days that the candidate who spent more money won. Now if you are republican you have to spend way more money and suppress as much of the vote as you possibly can to win.


I am sure this video will make for some great campaign ads for Stacey Adams! What a Retard Lying Douche Bag!


Trump has turned lying and cheating into the model for Republican politicians. And assault. He is also caught on video doing this many times to people who have extended a hand for a shake.

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