Hockey Legend's Daughter-in-law Arrested On Wiretapping Charge

Carlos Miller

Hockey Legend's Daughter-in-law Arrested On Wiretapping Charge For Recording Cop

The daughter-in-law of Boston Bruins hockey great Bobby Orr is facing an illegal wiretapping charge after she recorded a cop during a traffic stop in Massachusetts last month.

But that is not the least of her problems. She is also facing a drunk driving charge after she flipped her SUV on the side of the road.

The law in Massachusetts makes it illegal to record a person secretly, even if they don’t have an expectation of privacy.

The news report claims Chelsea Orr, 32, “secretly recorded conversations with police” on her iPhone.

But it doesn’t provide details on exactly what made it secret.

If the phone was visible, then it could be argued that she wasn’t secretly recording. If the phone was in her pocket or purse, then maybe they can argue it was done secretly.

But I would imagine the quality of that recording would be subpar.

According to 7 News in Boston:

A Cohasset officer arrived on the scene and said he detected a strong odor of alcohol. The report says her speech “was thick tongued and slow.” The officer asked Chelsea Orr if she had been drinking and she replied, “Yes.”
Cohasset police claim she refused a breathalyzer or blood alcohol test. She agreed to a field sobriety test, which an officer determined she failed. Chelsea Orr originally refused medical treatment, but when she was told she was going to be arrested she asked to see a doctor — she was then taken to South Shore Hospital.
Her visit to the hospital led to another charge — wire tapping. Cohasset police claim that while being treated at the hospital she used her iPhone, which can be used as a tape recorder, to secretly record conversations with police.
The report says during the ride back to Cohasset, Chelsea Orr became increasingly hostile and said that she was the great Bobby Orr’s daughter in law and said she was going to have the officer fired.


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