any media can email me…

DS_swag33 any media can email me because the i am getting crapped on Justice system in canada is a joke

PROSECUTOR WITHHOLDING EVIDENCE/ CHARTER RIGHTS BREACHED I am the Person recorded The crown withheld evidence Vancouver BC 222 MAIN ST

The crown withheld the video That i recorded of the incident within their disclosure, set a trial date, i have been begging for that video for months and they expect him to be able to formulate a defense with a 1 time review of that video (after the fact). That Canadian bar association criminal justice chair is trying to take advantage of his mental disability, talk about low hanging fruit.

I was recording from a side walk and apparently the crown thinks it's criminal harassment if someone feels threatened, no matter how irrational of a reaction that is to lawful behavior, what that crown attorney is doing is a threat to reporters and everyone that films with a camera. It is a crime based on feelings rather than actual facts, and a kangaroo proceeding.

I am is going to send a long winded recording of the crown attorney, who admits to have never watched the video (and yet has set a trial date). How is that justice? The crown has a duty to review the evidence before proceeding with charges, and putting someone through the wringer.

How can one reasonably expect me the accused , to self represent and stand a chance of winning with such a tight fist on exonerating and crucial evidence that the crown ADMITS to not having watched prior to disclosure and prior to setting a trial date on July 31st. 3 1/2 months have gone by without the full disclosure AFTER setting the trial date (disclosure is to happen prior to the setting of trial date), the crown is ensuring that the defendant has less than 2 months with which to book a one time review of the evidence in question, which probably won't make it into the trial as the crown had failed to even note the evidence within their disclosure package.

Hopefully you can report on these corrupt and unjust proceedings.

Frankly if i were charged with a crime, it would be my right to watch the bloody video as many times as i wanted or needed to defend myself.

Thanks, Donald Smith

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what it sounds like is malicious prosecution. you will need to get a lawyer and beat the case and then sue them for everything you can get!

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