I remain dumbfounded especially by the objection to photographing public buildings--which are nothing but a collection of bricks assembled in a useful way. Where's the harm?

Taking pictures is as American as eating apple pie. Since George Eastman invented his roll film camera Americans have made billions.Now with digital, even more. Is there a parent who has not photographed his or her wedding, or a child? Who has not photographed his parents? Friends? Recorded a vacation? Or a new car? Or a new house? The question that needs to be asked of the obstructive ignoramuses forbidding photography is how photos of an inanimate building translates into harm to anyone? Especially since Google has probably been there and made photos far more detailed than any that could be made by a passerby.

We are in deep trouble as a nation when citizens can be threatened and oppressed for simply taking pictures--an American folk art. What is next? A prohibition against eating apple pie?