IL State Cop Loses Temper on Camera as Man Exercises Const. Right

Carlos Miller

Illinois State Cop Loses Temper on Camera as Man Exercises Constitutional Right during Checkpoint

A man driving through an Illinois checkpoint attempted to exercise his Constitutional rights to question officers on whether he was being detained or free to go.

The first Illinois State Police officer remained calm, especially considering the driver had informed him he was being recorded from the get-go.

But a second officer who walked up to the car after the initial exchange, only to hear the man telling the cop that it was an unconstitutional stop, became so enraged that he yanked the door open and began yelling in his face.

The driver, identified as Ryan Scott by the Free Though Project, and Ryan Taylor on his Youtube channel, opted not to pursue the Constitutional debate with the second officer, realizing it would have likely landed him in jail after a beat-down.

Start the video at 3:35 to save time.

The video was first uploaded to Facebook Saturday, which was Thank a Police Officer Day. Contact Illinois State Police Director Hiram Grau to thank him for the professionalism of his officers: (217) 782-7263.


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