Illinois Cops Threaten to Confiscate Man’s Camera for Recording Them

Carlos Miller

Illinois Cops Threaten to Confiscate Man’s Camera for Recording Them

Police in Illinois threatened to confiscate a man’s camera because he chose to video record them inside a parking garage.

But Elliot W., who prefers his last name not be used, did not give in to their demands.

He also did not give in to their demands for identification, which obviously unsettled Moline police officer K. Briggs, but she did not go as far as trying to arrest him.

But she did spend a few minutes questioning him, obviously trying to find something she can arrest him for, but ended up giving up and walking away.

This is how Elliot W. explained it in his Youtube description:

Came out to parking garage after work, noticed a couple guys and a Moline Officer parked in the section below the parking area I was in, the officer was speaking with a woman in a minivan. Didn’t think too much of it, did think it was weird but I was in a hurry. I noticed the officer open the side door of the minivan which I found highly unusual with the driver still in her seat. This prompted me to get my video camera. I walked up to the rail and started recording, almost immediately I was accosted.

One of the cops in plainclothes tried to assert that audio recording cops was illegal because they were in Illinois, but that argument died last year when the Supreme Court allowed a prior circuit court decision to stand that deemed the eavesdropping law unconstitutional.


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