Indiana Cop Claims “City Property” Different Than Public Property

Carlos Miller

Indiana Cop Claims “City Property” Different Than Public Property While Detaining Man for Video Recording.

An Indiana cop was under the impression that “city property” was different than public property, giving him the authority to demand identification from a man video recording him from across the street.

The man reluctantly complied to avoid arrest. The interaction begins at 1:30 in the video.

The Kokomo police officer, a fresh-faced punk who had no business being a cop, ended up running a warrant search on the man, whose name is Alan Bowen.

The cop then told Bowen that he had the right to trespass him without a valid reason because they happened to standing in the okomo Housing Authority neighborhood, which is a government-funded housing project for low-income people.

“My concern is you’re over here filming,” the cop said. “I don’t know who you are or what relation you have to the crimes going on.”

The cop then said he would not trespass Bowen because his girlfriend lived in the neighborhood.

Call Kokomo Police Chief Robert Baker at (765) 456-7118.


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