Indiana Cops Arrest Man for Video Recording them in Public

Arrested for Filming Cops in Front of his Home Tyrant alert
Arrested for Filming Cops in Front of his Home Tyrant alert

Gary Police Dept. Arresting Officer Famale Officer Jones (219) 881-7300 Link to video where I interview this man about his arrest:

Nathan Dimoff

Once more, officers show that they are afraid of cameras by arresting a man for recording them.

Despite numerous court rulings establishing that citizens have the right to record police in public, Indiana cops last month arrested a man for doing just that.

Gary police arrested Edward M. Strauss, 36, after he had stepped in his front yard to record police activity in his neighborhood on September 1, claiming he was "interfering" with their investigation.

But his video shows they were the ones interfering with his Constitutional right to record cops in public.

Strauss uploaded the video on September 6, resulting in numerous calls to the Gary Police Department, leading to an internal investigation, according to NWI Times.

The video shows officers becoming hostile as soon as they spot Strauss with his camera.

> "Female Officer Jones badge #1586: why are you recording me?"


> Strauss: "Because I can?"


> Officer Jones: "No, you can't. Not of me. No, you can't."


> Strauss: "Well, I can. This is a public street and, by the way, you're live on YouTube right now."


> Officer Jones: "Well, I don't care. You can't record me. You can't record me. You trying to go to jail?""

The officers then proceed demanding for Strauss to show his identification.

> "ID ID please ID. ID!"

The officers tell Strauss he is breaking the law by not only walking on someone else's private property but also interfering with their investigation.

But the camera just happens to be pointing downwards, showing he is standing on the sidewalk.

The officers then get violent by trying to grab the camera. Photography Is Not A Crime was able to obtain pictures of the arrest affidavits.

Not only does the landmark court ruling, ACLU v Alvarez, state that citizens have the right to record, but that ruling was made in Cook County, Illinois, which borders Lake County, Indiana where this arrest took place.

A closer look at the arrest reports show that the officer falsified information stating that Strauss pulled away and forcefully resisted arrest while shouting and yelling, which is proven to be false from the footage.

Once the investigation is completed, a decision on any possible discipline will be made, according to Gary Police Commander Jack

According to NWI Times, Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson made a statement:

> ""I fully support the importance of the police being able to engage in constitutional law enforcement as well of the right of citizens to record their interaction with the police and all city agencies," Freeman-Wilson said."

Court records show that Strauss is scheduled for a bench trial on November 19.

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Yes & Mayor looks like she has other issues and don't care either way! Gary council subpoenas mayor, other top officials for financial transfers info


Cops are liars.

Stanford told the Morning News that police visited her house Tuesday night, asked her about the sign, and then confiscated it.

“Police told me to remove the sign or they would take it and would arrest me,” Stanford said. “So I let them take the sign.”

The city manager of Hamilton has denied that the police seized the sign, telling the newspaper that Stanford gave it away.

"A police member visited the owner’s home, and the owner asked the officer to take the sign,” he said.

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