Is anyone aware of any organized national efforts to educate and/or remind first responders AND the general public that officers making arrests, firefighters putting out fires, first responders treating victims, are legally protected activities? Photojournalists are trained with the rights and laws affecting them. But ever since 9/11, many public workers, much of the general public, and some doing security services see camera as weapons. Having taken FEMA training I learned that taking a picture IS a data point in the decision tree to determine whether a terrorist act is in progress. When I pointed out the act of photography while a data point was NOT an act of terrorism, the Fire Department Battalion Chief informed me in no uncertain terms that ANYONE taking pictures of HIS fire trucks in action was going to experience consequences. Specifically he's informed his firefighters that those actions are to be considered interfering with their duties and they are to refer incidents law enforcement immediately to stop them. Local law enforcement was present and simply nodded agreement. Thoughts?

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Did you remind him that those trucks were the taxpayers and not his!

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