Louisiana Man Arrested Twice in One Month for Video Recording Cops

Carlos Miller

Louisiana Man Arrested Twice in One Month for Video Recording Cops (Updated)

Less than two weeks after he was arrested for video recording cops from a public street, Alex Lege was arrested again for the same thing.

This time it was the Eunice Police Department that arrested Lege, according to his girlfriend, Tessi Angelique Abshire, who posted the news on a Facebook page Lege created called Eunice Uncensored, where he attempts to shed a light on the police department.

Lege, who was arrested earlier this month by the Lafayette Parrish Sheriff’s Office, has previously posted videos where he was threatened by Eunice police while video recording them for a very respectable distance.

In the following video, Lege is threatened with physical harm by an old man who takes exception to being video recorded in public.

A Eunice cop then walks up and accuses Lege of “invading my crime scene” when Lege was nowhere near the scene.

Lege walks further back but the officer continues to order him away, so Lege ends up walking across the street to continue video recording.

The cop also tells him that the supreme court has ruled that citizens have the right to sue people who video record them in public, which is not true.

Start the video at 7:45 to save yourself time.

In the video below, a Eunice cops tells Lege to “get off of my scene” while Lege is video recording him in a gas station from afar while another man – who is not video recording – is standing closer to the cop than Lege. Start the video at 1:25 to save yourself time.

It’s obvious from his videos that the Eunice Police Department has gotten to know Lege and were itching to arrest him, which they did today.

His girlfriend said he was video recording a traffic stop and ended up getting charged with “following a police officer,” vagrancy and criminal trespassing. She attempted to video record the arrest but was standing too far and did not capture much except a police car in the distance.

She also said that Lege was being photographed by a local photojournalist for a story as he was video recording the traffic stop, but the photographer left and Lege ended up getting arrested – which shows these cops are not the smartest in the bunch because now it will help prove his cause to the local media.

He was not trespassing, being a vagrant, or following a police officer. He was on foot filming a traffic stop, and getting pictures taken by a photographer in Eunice for the paper. They waited until the photographer left then three police units and a marshal swarmed in and arrested him.

She asked her friends to meet her at the police department to protest against the arrest.

Louisiana blogger Busted in Acadiana, who has been in contact with the ACLU about Lege’s first arrest, sent them another email, so hopefully they will set those local cops straight.

PINAC reader ExCop-LawStudent reported earlier today that Lege was arrested back in December after he flipped off a cop.

UPDATE: Here is the video from Lege’s latest arrest. You can hear him speak to the newspaper photojournalist who leaves after the first few minutes.

Cops begin to surround him at the 8:00 mark. One dimwitted female cop can be heard asking if the video can be used as “evidence.”


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