Man Flips Out on Drone Pilot For Recording Video on Public Beach

Andrew Meyer

“It’s against FAA regulations….I will call Orange Beach PD.”

Displaying an aggressive attitude and a misunderstanding of the law, a man claiming to work for a condo building in Orange Beach, Alabama angrily confronted Kevin Henderson for flying a quadcopter and recording video on a public beach.

The video speaks for itself, as the man claiming to be an employee refused to identify himself, and claimed that Henderson was in violation of FAA regulations.

Henderson, looking to avoid a conflict, agreed to stop flying in order to resolve the situation. While some PINAC readers will inevitably claim that Henderson should have asserted his rights, the danger in riling up an unstable, emotional stranger is high, and who knows what level of professionalism the police would exhibit if called to the scene.

Henderson, who merely wanted to shoot video of his friend’s family running on the beach, may have acted wisely in deescalating the situation.

This incident is reminiscent of another video, where a crazed woman attacked a young man at a beach for recording aerial video with his quadcopter. The young man in that video was not only violently assaulted, but nearly found himself under arrest despite breaking no laws.


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