Man Furious At Cops For Photographing Him In Compromising Position

Carlos Miller

Jared Medeiros claims he was confronted by gangbangers who snatched his phone and tossed it into a gutter.

Police say he was just drunk.

Either way, he ended up with half his body down the gutter and his feet sticking into the air.

He remained like that for 40 minutes until police came. And one of them snapped the above photo before firefighters rescued him.

Now the California man is furious at Ceres police for taking the photo and releasing it to the media last week.

“I don’t understand why Ceres Police would sit there and take pictures,” he told a local Fox affiliate. “That kind of pisses me off.”

Police said he never told them anything about any gang members and firefighters said his injuries were not consistent with an attack.

Ceres Police Sgt. Jose Berber said they don’t release pictures of crime victims, but added that Jared never told them he was attacked. He refused treatment at the scene and still hasn’t filed a police report, Berber added.
“Since it’s a public document and he is an adult I went ahead and released his name,” Sgt. Berber said. “If we would have known from that day he was a victim of crime, we would never have released the photo or his name.”
Firefighters examined Jared at the scene and didn’t see any signs of injuries from an attack, authorities said.
Jared’s wife told CBS13 on Friday that he was highly intoxicated during the incident, which Jared denied Saturday.

It doesn’t appear he ever retreived his phone.


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