Michigan Cops Force Man Out of Car, Snatch Camera Out of Hands

Carlos Miller

Michigan Cops Force Man Out of Car, Snatch Camera Out of Hands.

Michigan cops pulled a man over for “improper lane use” before bringing the dogs out and searching him for drugs, forcing him out the car and snatching his camera as he was recording in a chilling video posted over the weekend.

It was Patrick Ohsowski’s third time he had been pulled over for a minor traffic stop, according to his video, only for the cops bring out the dogs and search for drugs without them ever finding anything.

It is not clear why the Midland Police Department has such strong suspicion that he is carrying drugs.

Starting right after the 6:00 mark, a cop orders him to hand over his keys to allow the dog to begin sniffing the car.

“It’s for my safety, your safety and my dog’s safety,” the cop told him.

Once handed the keys, the officer ordered him to place both hands on his steering wheel, telling him he could hold the phone in that position, but to not take his hands off or else get attacked by the dog.

“Keep your hands at that position at all times as I work my dog around your vehicle, ok,” the cop said. “Take your hands down, the dog may take that aggressively towards him, I do not want him to bite you, you understand that?”

The cop then brought the dog up, who stuck its head into the driver’s side window, but the dog didn’t seem at all interested in anything inside. The cop walked the dog up and down the side of the driver’s side of the car twice and the dog still didn’t give any indication.

Moments later, the cop claimed the dog indicated a scent on the passenger’s side, ordering the man out of the car.

“You go ahead and leave everything in the car and step out for me,” the cop said.
“I’m taking my phone with me,” Obsowski said.
“You can set it on top of the car,” the cop said.
“I’m going to have it in my hand,” Obsowsi said.
“This is what you’re going to do, you’re going to step out of the car and you’re going to place your hands in the back of your head, you understand me?” the cop said.
“We’re not going to have any issues, are we?” the cop asked.
“What did I do wrong, through?” Obsowski asked. “It seems that that dog always indicates something in my car …”
“Step out of the vehicle,” the cop orders as he opens the door and grabs Obsowski by the wrist, forcing him out of the car.

The video then goes off.

Obsowski described the incident as follows:

Got pulled over for a minor traffic violation. Cop pulled me out of my car and took my phone out of my hands. I was lucky to be able to lock my phone so the video i have wouldn’t be deleted.

In the Youtube comments section, Obsowski identified the cops as officers Dubois and Hampton. He also said officer Hamilton showed up after the video turned off.

He also believes he did not even commit an improper lane change.

And I used the center lane to turn in my lane which is legal because the center lane can be used for any direction. So it really was for no reason

It doesn’t appear that they found anything because he only describes it an as “unreasonable search.”

Reached through Facebook, Obsowski, 19, said they do not like him because he stands up for his rights. This is the first time he tried to record an encounter.


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