NC Deputy Rehired Days After Resigning Over Road Rage Incident

Carlos Miller

North Carolina Deputy Rehired Days After Resigning Over Road Rage Incident.

The North Carolina deputy who was forced to resign this week after committing an act of road rage that was caught on video was rehired a few days later, proving that the Onslow County Sheriff was merely trying to appease the media after drafting a lengthy press release.

Craig Culpepper thanked the lord on his Facebook page when he announced the news to his friends and family.

He should also publicly thank the North Charleston Police Department for not citing him, even though they acknowledged he was at fault for the accident he caused when he cut off another driver in his patrol car and slammed on the brakes, forcing that driver to hit him from behind.

After all, police usually frown upon culpable drivers leaving the scene of an accident.
Nevertheless, Culpepper did at least make a public apology for the incident on his Facebook page, which he doesn’t keep private, accepting full blame for the incident, even though he blamed Chad Walton for “baiting” him into acting like asshole.


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