Nude Woman Living With Pigs In Art Exhibit Prohibits Photography

Carlos Miller

A naked woman living among pigs inside a glass enclosure in full view of the public as part of a Miami art exhibit is forbidding people from taking her photo.

So naturally, I got called in.

Miru Kim, a 30-year-old Korean-American artist, painted the words “Photography Not Permitted” on the glass separating herself from gawkers.

And she even went as far as to hire security guards to stand in front of the exhibit, who have gotten physically confrontational with some people by grabbing their lenses, preventing them from taking the photo.

So naturally when I heard these stories, I decided to head out there and hope he would dare grab my lens. I don’t play that game.

Joining me Saturday night was animal rights activist Chris Lagergren, whom I wrote about in September where he was trying to photograph whale conservancy volunteers from the outside of a fence.

The FBI describes him as a terrorist, an accusation he laughs off.

Check him out in the above video and tell me if he reminds you of a terrorist.

Here is complete background story on the artist with all kinds of nude photos.


War on Photography