NYC Restaurant Owner Says He Was Shut Down After Video Recording

Carlos Miller

NYC Restaurant Owner Says He Was Shut Down After Video Recording Health Inspection

A New York restaurant owner says he was retaliated against for attempting to video record a health inspector’s visit to his diner on Friday.

Bill Koulmentas, who owns George’s diner in Manhattan, which is popular with the city’s bigwigs, was shut down over the weekend with several violations, including one where 15 pounds of cooked cut potatoes were contaminated by a loose screw.

Koulmentas, who received a top grade of “A” five months ago, said he experienced an overzealous inspection a month ago, which is why he pulled out his iPhone during the most recent inspection.

That was when the inspector started racking up the violations.

According to the New York Post:

When the inspector spotted owner Bill Koulmentas’ cellphone scheme, he quickly hit George’s with a slew of violations — totaling 65 points.
Koulmentas was accused of everything from having cracked eggs to keeping cold food too hot and hot food too cold.
The weirdest rap was for 15 pounds of cooked cut potatoes and peppers that were allegedly “contaminated by one loose screw (approximately one inch in size) resting on food surface on grill.”
George’s was closed, and because Koulmentas won’t be able to file an appeal until Monday, his 13 to 14 employees will be out of work at least until then.


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