NYPD Cop Assaults News Videographer At Crime Scene

Carlos Miller

NYPD Cop Assaults News Videographer At Crime Scene

From the video, it’s impossible to see what led to a New York City police officer striking the camera of a news videographer, almost sending the camera crashing down to the sidewalk.

The videographer, who was from WABC-TV, was able to prevent it from falling as the cop simply walked away.

It appears the two were exchanging heated words, but it wasn’t enough to get the other cops invovled, who didn’t appear too interested in the squabble.

WABC-TV hasn’t mentioned the incident on its website yet, but hopefully they will include the footage of what lead to the assaut.

The Youtube description doesn’t offer many details, only saying it took place at a crime scene.

The video is at least the third interaction between the NYPD and photographers to surface this month.


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