Ohio State Trooper Pulls Gun on Citizen Recording Traffic Stop from a Distance

Nathan Dimoff

Ohio State Trooper fearing for his life over a man recording traffic . stop.

A video surfaced earlier today on Facebook of Ohio State Trooper Johnny Moore pulling a gun on Brandon Wilson, who had walked up to him recording while the cop was conducting a traffic stop.

The video begins with Wilson standing in a patch of grass about 40 feet away from the traffic stop in Columbus.

As Wilson walks closer for a better view, the officer initiates orders him to remove his hand from his pocket.

"No thank you," Wilson replies.

The cop responds by pulling out his gun and pointing it at him. Wilson appears to be shocked and at a loss for words at this point.

"He pulled a gun on me, what the fuck," Wilson says as he stumbles for words, "I have nothing to do with this."

As Wilson starts to walk away from the scene, the trooper appears as he is re-holstering his gun but asks once more for Wilson to remove his hand from his pocket.

Wilson pans the camera once more towards the traffic stop, informing the trooper that he has no weapons.

But the trooper draws his weapon once more demanding for him to take his hand out of his pocket.

Wilson states that he does not have to since he has nothing to do with the traffic stop, then asks the trooper if he is going murder him.

"I'll back up, I got nothing to do with this," Wilson restates.

He pats himself down and asks if he can put his hand back in his pocket, but the trooper does not respond.

As another trooper walks up to the scene Wilson walks back even further. Thirty seconds after the second trooper arrives, the traffic stop ends.

As Trooper Johnny Moore drives away, Wilson is seen giving the trooper the middle finger.

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Robert Gantry
Robert Gantry

"Fuh Q! Fhuckin phaggitt!" lol ... Now THAT is how you deal with a tyrant!

ken linkins
ken linkins

This video begs a lot of questions. A Ohio State trooper draws down on a citizen twice for having his hands (or hand) in his pocket? Then he jumps in his car and drives off while the citizen is trying to get him to stop and explain his actions. Another officer is just a quick to leave the area with out talking with the citizen who had a weapon pointed at him twice. Does anyone know if any actions were taken against Officer Johnny Moore (00.357) for these dangerous actions? I wonder if the police car had video rolling? Why hasn't this been all over the local news here in Columbus, Ohio? Any more information?


Lightning bolts should not be necessary. Our legal system should give punishments (consequences) to cops who abuse people like this. Remember, they murdered Daniel Shaver after someone allegedly pointed a gun out his hotel room. If a weapon pointed at a person can result in that, then the consequences for the cop should be just as severe from a legal point: many, many years in prison.


I pray everyday that a Lightening Bolt will strike officers like this!

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