PA Cop Snatches Camera from Man, Claiming it is Illegal to Record

Carlos Miller

Pennsylvania Cop Snatches Camera from Man, Claiming it is Illegal to Record without Permission.

A Pennsylvania cop snatched a camera from a man’s hands after accusing him of felony wiretapping, even though they were inside a restaurant where the cop had no expectation of privacy.

A Butler police officer named Walters then turned the camera off, handed it back to its owner and ordered him outside where he then gave him a citation for criminal mischief.

The man with the camera, who goes by Muchmusic16001 on Youtube, said he was inside Mickey’s Original Pizza and Hoagies in Butler because he used to work there but still hadn’t been paid, even though it was more than three weeks since he left.

Cops were called and it didn’t seem as if they cared whether he was paid or not.

According to his Youtube description:

At the recording date of this video (07/29/2014): it had been 41 days since I quit Mickey’s Original Pizza and Hoagies, and HAD NOT received ANY form of payment for the 3 weeks that I worked there. (which is why i was recording, i wanted to catch the thief admit to his crime) Today is sept.3rd and I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED A PAYCHECK.(My last day of work was JUNE 19th, 2014) Also, before the police showed up mickey gave me permission to record and post to the internet. i have that recorded as well and will include it in a video in the future.


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