PA State Trooper Snatches Phone From Man After Car Accident

Carlos Miller

Pennsylvania State Trooper Snatches Phone From Man After Car Accident, Fearing it Could be Weapon

It was 10:30 a.m. on a Saturday when Matthew Taylor swerved off the side of a rural road in Pennsylvania to avoid hitting a fox that had darted in front of his car last month.

The 29-year-old ended up crashing into a pole on September 9, striking his head on the steering wheel before vomiting all over himself.

With his head throbbing and his mind groggy, and his clothes caked in vomit, he stepped out of the car with his phone to take photos of the damage.

But then a Pennsylvania state trooper named Michael Borosh approached him, asking him where he had been coming from.

Taylor told him he had been driving from work.

Borosh told him to put the phone down, claiming it could be a weapon, even though it was not even pointed in the trooper’s direction.

“Put that down for now,” Borosh said.

“Uh, you can’t tell me to do that,” Taylor said. “I’m sorry.”

But the cop grabbed it from his hands and pushed Taylor back into his seat, telling him, “I’m taking it for my safety.”

Borosh placed the phone on Taylor’s car and ordered him to do some sobriety tests, which he passed.

But still not getting his phone back, Taylor informed police that he wanted to file a complaint against Borosh.

However, he was informed that if he decided to do that, then he will have to forego his right to be check out by paramedics.

It was either file a complaint or find out for sure the extent of his injuries.

But when he chose to file a complaint, he stepped off the ambulance and was quickly handcuffed.

And this time, the cop decided he was going to drive him to a hospital to draw some blood.

And once they did that, the same Trooper Borosh drove him back home, handing his phone back to him, telling him the results should be available soon.

But he has not seen any results and does not expect anything worse than maybe a “failure to control” vehicle citation.

However, no matter what they try to come after him for, he said he will use common law to fight it, which is is described as fighting a case with precedented case law rather than legislative statutes.

Plus, he is now more aware than ever when it comes to his rights, as you will see in his Youtube channel.


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