Phoenix Man Arrested After Assaulting News Videographer

Carlos Miller

Phoenix Man Arrested After Assaulting News Videographer

A man claiming he owned the public sidewalk in front of his store stormed up to a news videographer in Phoenix and slapped his camera several times, demanding he delete the footage he had recorded.

Mahmoud Emadi-Dehagi ended up arrested on assault charges.

Telemundo reporter Julio Cisneros was covering an immigration raid at a store called Autofit when its owner, who apparently had hired illegal immigrants, came after him.

Emadi-Dehagi ended up damaging his camera before another man stepped in and set him straight.

According to ABC 15:

“Delete what you record from me,” he told Cisneros, as he slapped the camera. “Delete it. Delete it. You need to delete it.”
Cisneros said, “OK,” but continued recording.
Emadi-Dehagi is seen once again hitting the camera and that’s when Cisneros said a piece of the camera came off.
Cisneros is glad an average citizen, who had just exited a public bus, saw what was happening and started defending him.
“You can’t do that,” said the Good Samaritan.
“It’s my property,” Emadi-Dehagi said.
“This is not your property. This is a sidewalk,” the Good Samaritan said. “You can’t do that though man.”


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