Photojournalist Shot by Ohio Deputy Settles Civil Rights Lawsuit

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BODY CAM: This video shows when a deputy fired his weapon and shot Andy Grimm, a photographer for the New Carlisle News, back in 2017. Today, a lawsuit...

Ben Keller

A photojournalist shot by an Ohio deputy while preparing to photograph a traffic stop settles a civil rights lawsuit.

A lawsuit filed by photojournalist for the Springfield News-Sun Andrew Grimm against Clark County has been settled in federal court.

The lawsuit was filed after Grimm drove to New Charlisle in September 2017 to photograph a lighting storm.

Grimm was preparing to then photograph a traffic stop being carried out by Clark County deputy Jacob Shaw when Shaw mistook his camera tripod for a gun and shot him in the side.

That's Shaw's story, at least.

Video, which can be seen above, shows Shaw conducting the traffic stop.

Towards the end of the video, Shaw's arms briefly raise and gun shots can be heard, although it's difficult to see Grimm in the video.

"Hey, it's me. You shot me," Grimm can be heard saying.

"Andy, Andy, Andy!" Shaw, who is apparently acquainted with Grimm, says before radioing shots fired.

"Oh, my God dude!"

"You're going to be OK, Andy," deputy Shaw says.

"Dude, you pulled that out like a gun out of the back of the Jeep."

"I waved," Grimm replies.

'You're going to be OK, Andy."

"I know; I know; I get it," Grimm says before the video ends.

Grimm declined to state the amount the lawsuit was settled for, but said it's somewhere between $100,000 and $1 million.

"They say a good litigation is when neither side is happy," Grimm told the Springfield News-Sun.

A statement was released by the Clark County Sheriff's Office Friday afternoon.

"The lawsuit between Andy Grimm and the Clark County Sheriff’s Office has been resolved in a manner that is mutually satisfactory to both parties. The sheriff’s office will continue the hard work of protecting and serving the citizens of Clark County. We wish Mr. Grimm the best in his future endeavors," the statement released to the News-Sun said.

Grimm said he plans on leaving Clark County, where he's spent the vast majority of his life, for the safety of his family.

" For the safety of my wife and family," he explained.

A grand jury cleared Shaw of wrongdoing after reviewing video and investigating the shooting.

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Now divide the amount by 45 or how long he has until he dies. Daily pain for years. The money will run out before it should. 500000 would be just 10 or 12 grand per year. That would be used up with suguries in a snap. Shot on the side.


I would NEVER agree to have my 1st Amendment rights violated, ON TOP OF having been wrongfully shot.


Negotiated settlement means that it is bound by communication limitations and waiving of certain future claims. This happened in 2017 and the efficiency of the system in how to hold law enforcement accountable is a burden on victims. This burden is the catalyst for PTSD in citizens who encounter unlawful police tactics under the color of law. We must submit to their authority or risk harm, injury, kidnapping and death.

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