Police Threaten To Arrest Man For Recording Them From His Home

Carlos Miller

Police Threaten To Arrest Man For Recording Them From His Home.

A Massachusetts man posted a video on Youtube showing police at his door with the man talking into the camera, claiming cops had been at his door twice that week, including one time when they pushed him as well as took a swing at him.

The video shows the cop at the door threatening to arrest him for audio recording them, which is when the man shut the video camera off.

In the Youtube description, the man who goes by the username MARKETING2DAY, said that Haverhill police had threatened to arrest him if he posted the video on Youtube.

That was Friday. As of Tuesday, he was still commenting on Youtube, so apparently had not been arrested yet.

Still seeking details on this one.

This is how he described it on Youtube:

police pushed me out of the way and barged into my home. said recording them within my own dwelling was illegal.
A federal appeals court ruled that the people have the right to record police officers when they’re on the job in public. A U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals judge found that a Massachusetts law used to ban such actions is unconstitutional.
now that we got that out of the way… people need to stand up for their rights. I asked the police politely to go talk to my wife who was in the back porch, instead of doing so, one officer pusshed me out of the way. as I walked up the stairs into my home behind them he took a swing at me which I dodged.. my wife and I were getting ready to go to bed after spending some time at my brothers house.
the police officers also told me that I would be placed under arrest if i put this video up on youtube. If I am in jail today, then you know why. question is, why arent they in jail since they entered my house without a warrant. their was no emergency, my wife and I were settling down for bed. no emergency… spread this video, let the people wake up to how our rights are being removed from us. this used to be a free country, what on earth is going on?
I am seeking legal help, if anyone could help me get to the bottom of this, please add your comments below. thank you and have a wonderful new years.

UPDATE: I ended up interviewing the man in the video, whose name is Hector Nunez. Here is that story.


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