S FL Cop Claims It’s a “Safety Issue” to Record Him on Traffic

Carlos Miller

South Florida Cop Claims It’s a “Safety Issue” to Record Him During Traffic Stop in Miami

A South Florida cop told a man he was not allowed to record him during a traffic stop because it was a “safety issue,” reaching into the car and swatting the camera.

Citizen Journalist Manuel Prades

But the man with the camera wasn’t sold.

“May I record, I mean, you’re not allowed to be recorded right now,” said the man with the camera, whose name is Manny Prades, according to his Youtube channel.

“You can, but you can’t go taking pictures of us because that’s an officer safety, man, because with everything going on, I would rather you don’t,” said the cop, who was the South Miami Police Department.

Ironically, The South Miami PD Has This Image On Their Facebook Account, Maybe This Officer Should Get A Ticket For Misleading The Public…

Meanwhile, that cop’s partner, who was issuing the tickets, didn’t seem to mind being recorded, respecting the man’s right to record while remaining professional, which ultimately sheds less light on him as ironic as that may sound.

That cop. R. Tefel, however, refused to provide Prades with the other cop’s name as you can see in the video below.

Prades stated that the officer was required by law to provide his name, but there is no law that states any such thing.

However, most departments have policies requiring officers to provide their name and badge number when asked.

Although the cops were from the South Miami Police Department, a municipality in Miami-Dade County, the traffic stop was conducted in Coral Gables, another municipality.

We have reached out to Prades to find out details of the stop.


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