Southern California Security Guards Order Man to Stop Recording

Carlos Miller

Southern California Security Guards Order Man to Stop Recording as They Place Man in Chokehold.

Security guards from a Southern California hospital ordered a man to stop recording as one of them wrapped his arm around a man’s neck and wrestled him to the street.

The videographer, who maintains the YouTube channel, IRATE Productions, was standing on a sidewalk outside UC Medical Center in San Diego, but was told he was standing on private property.

While it is doubtful the sidewalk in front of the hospital in private property, the man then moved onto the street to continue recording.

Meanwhile, the mother of the man being restrained pleaded with him to stop recording, telling him, “my son is bad.”

Her son apparently struck his “abusive father,” according to the YouTube description:

UC Medical Center Security stop a vehicle after man allegedly hit his abusive father. Security pulls man out of the vehicle, ruff him up on the ground and handcuff him.
Family and Security harass me saying I am not allowed to film on private property, so i move to the street, which is public property. SDPD show up and take man in custody. While security still harasses me, even after I explain myself and told them to ask the officers if Im allowed to film.
(*Not Caught on Film)
After one security guard recognized me as an employee, he asks me why Im recording, while the aggressive security guard claims Im violating HIPPA laws (Health Information Privacy) which is false as I do work for UCSD however not affiliated with the hospital, and not under any HIPPA contract. Also there are several security cameras that film not only this location, but many other areas, If I cant film them, why can they film me anytime i walk past.
The SDPD officers had no care that I was filming, even after security claimed I was filming on private property. After explaining to a lot cooler security guard that I am an independent journalist, and I film everything, always, and I was not causing trouble, he advised me that I was good and have not broken any laws, As I already knew.
This video was filmed as a safety precaution to not only the family but also security as well as the police, In no way am I claiming any parties involved are guilty of committing a crime or violating anyone’s rights. I am simply reporting public information on breaking news in my community.

The videographer, who makes an effort to keep his name from being publicized, also runs a police accountability page called United Against Police Terror San Diego.


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