Texas bride threatens to sue over widely distributed media picture

Carlos Miller

It turned into the honeymoon from hell.

A night in the slammer for the bride and groom. Separate cells. Same sex cellmates.

A consummation of marriage put on hold by the groom’s DUI and the bride’s public drunkness arrests. Coitus interruptus courtesy of Texas traffic cops.

Naturally, the media had a field day with the hungover bride still wearing her gown the following morning as she prepared to face the judge.

Now Jade Puckett is threatening to sue the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, claiming she was ridiculed when the photo of her sitting in the courtroom in her bridal gown was broadcast on two local news stations and was widely distributed on the internet.

Her lawyer says she has a good case. Of course he is in it for the money. Because if he had an ounce of honesty in him, he would admit she doesn’t have a chance in hell to win this case.

After all, cameras are allowed in courtrooms in all 50 states because they are considered public institutions. And as we know, there is no expectation of privacy in a public space. And there is no denying she was the most newsworthy defendant that morning.

Besides, once you get arrested – whether you are guilty or not – the information is available to the public. And rightly so.

The couple said a photographer was allowed to take a picture of her in her wedding dress.
The photograph appeared on the Internet and on television.
“Yes, I spent my time in jail,” Jade Puckett said. “What I do not deserve was to have my face being exploited and my career being exploited for the promotion of the law enforcement.”

Puckett is also complaining about the treatment she allegedly received in the jail cell.

Jade Puckett

“I was horrified. It’s not any girl’s dream to spend her night in jail,” Jade Puckett said.
The couple said jailers opened the door to the cell she was in three times to allow people to look at Jade Puckett.
“On three occasions, Harris County male deputies opened up her cell and played show-and-tell with her. They showed other male deputies her sitting there in her wedding dress,” attorney Joe Gutheinz said.

Puckett should count her blessings that she didn’t end up in a Stark County, Ohio jail cell where they might have ripped that gown right off her body.


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